Free single out now: Reigen, ‘Real New Yorker’ out now

New York artist Reigen is a dance-pop artist on the rise in New York’s underground electronica scene. His tracks are radio ready and well produced, matching some great dance beats to his airy vocal to infectious effect.

His new single, ‘Real New Yorker’, is perhaps his strongest single in a two year period which has seen him get better and better over the course of five single releases. Each of his previous tracks (which can be found at Soundcloud along with this free download) boast several qualities, but here he’s tied a number of them together for one, showstopping turn.

You can find more and learn all about Reigen’s music at his website.

The Rebel Scientist gets high on pop with new EP

It’s not very often that a songwriter translates the pure joy and love of music into their songwriting. Some might write upbeat music, while still others use music as the vehicle for their pain. In the case of The Rebel Scientist, his new four track EP simply leaps out of the headphones full of that intangible passion.

Over the course of the EP, the pace ebbs and flows as the melodies overlap and layer up. Rebel Scientist is also joined by four different vocalists for the EP (he’s a guitarist by trade and as such gives up vocal prominence), which immediately gives each track its own flavour.

What they all have in common though is that they are written by someone who clearly loves pop music. It’s a much maligned genre, and in some cases its detractors will rightly say that the pre-packaged artists that make it to TV and Radio screens are interchangeable. But, done well, pop is perhaps the most fun genre to enjoy. And when an EP is this good, that’s easy to do.

‘Never Stop Waiting for You’ is out now: iTunes / Spotify

New single – Natalie Indya West, ‘Goddess’ featuring Sunny Andrea on vocals

Teaming up rock singer, DJ writer and musician Natalie India West with singer, actress and model Sunny Andrea, new single ‘Goddess’ is a pop track with a difference.

Adding cross-over appeal with the addition of traditional Bollywood elements, the track shows how small differences made to a well worn genre can make a huge difference.

This has all the hallmarks of a pop song – the catchy melodies, the production – but it’s all given a fresh coat of paint thanks to the Bollywood touches. Too often these days pop comes across as nothing more than what you’ve heard before. In this case, West and Andrea have gone one step further.

Single is out November 27th.

Single – ‘Mirrors & Windows’ by Helen Perris

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Helen Perris is a pop songwriter based in Australia. Out now through all the usual digital outlets, her new single ‘Mirrors & Windows’ is a wonderfully infectious piece of piano pop – soulfully captured with a compellingly dark inspiration.

Written about the feeling of needing help in life but being too afraid to ask for it, the song wears its influences on its sleeve – namely the piano preferences of Ben Folds, and the powerful female role models of Tori Amos and Kate Bush.

There’s an album on the way too, so if you like what you’re hearing, find the single online and head over to to keep up to date.

Elliot Porter releases new video and EP ‘Keep Going’ – Nov 23rd

When a songwriter is backed not only by an independent label (Matchbox Recordings) but by the distributing power of a major player (Universal), that’s usually a good sign in terms of quality. Based in Cambridge, song writer Elliot Porter is definitely a talent, and deserves all the backing he is getting.

A subtle writer in the vein of Damien Rice or Glen Hansard, his sound is primarily acoustic, spinning his lyrics around the tried and true combination of light percussion, acoustic guitar and piano. His vocal also bears up to the Damien Rice comparison – harsh edged and melodic, it is captured with little vocal effect in the production, giving it a real raw quality.

That raw quality is exactly what makes this a release worth recommending. If you enjoy the track above, the EP is available here from November 23rd.

Jess Thristan covers a Beatles classic – ‘From Me To You’ single out Nov 27th

There’s been a real trend in recent years throughout the music industry to take a classic upbeat song, pull back the tempo and instrumentation, and create a slow, languid cover version. In large part, it’s thanks to the success of those John Lewis Christmas adverts (which we’ll no doubt be seeing again soon).

In some cases, the results are lovely, thought provoking and beautifully realised. In others, a good song is stripped of its quality and made into something truly boring. Thankfully, in the case of Jess Thristan’s cover version of the Beatles’ ‘From Me To You’, it’s the former.

This single, released on November 27th, is taken from a new album which is due early next year. And, judging by the singles and EPs which have gone before, this album will be a debut worth crowing about. Keep your eyes on the Real Music Network for a review when the time comes.

Souleye album ‘Shapeshifting’ out now – ‘The Victim’ free download

Shimmering and intriguing, the track above is the first single from the similarly shiny new album from Souleye. ‘The Victim’ track can be downloaded for free from here, while album ‘Shapeshifting’ is out now in all the usual digital outlets.

A bold reimagining of the rap genre, the album finds a confident writer on good form. It’s always a mark of confidence if a single isn’t one of the first songs on a full album, and the fact that ‘The Victim’ doesn’t show up until late in the game speaks volumes.

By then, if listening through the album, you’ll have realised that this release is dynamic and thoughtfully written, moulding positive messages and worldly observations into the fabric of the whole thing. The fact that it does all this while staying wholly entertaining makes this album one to watch.

Order ‘Shapeshifting’ now

Folkstock Records – Compilation album ‘Downtown’ out now, + London Folk & Roots Festival

Today (Nov 1st) sees the release of ‘Downtown’, a stunningly beautiful compilation album featuring some of the top UK folk artists on the up right now. Released by the small but perfectly formed Folkstock Records, you can get it now via their webpage if you like what you hear above.

However, if you do like what you hear above and you live in the London area, we have good news. You can get a free copy of ‘Downtown’ if you grab a ticket to one of their Emerging Artist Showcases at the London Folk and Roots Festival.

Their ‘Alt Country’ showcase at The Islington on 4th November is headlined by Cambridge band Fred’s House and features Marina Florance from Norfolk, Kaity Rae from London and another Cambrige act, Ben Smith.

Kelly Oliver is headlining the all female ‘Folk’ evening on 11th November at The Islington. Joining her are Minnie Birch from Hemel Hempstead, Daria Kulesh from Kings Langley and Zoe Wren from London, currently studying music at Cambridge University. All the acts have impressive stories to tell and songs to sing and are worthy of a national platform.

Send proof of purchase for your ticket, and you can get a copy of ‘Downtown’ free – details at

Single ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ is out now from The Humble Grapes

With a big show at Bitter End (NYC) coming later this month, New York dwelling due The Humble Grapes have unveiled a new single titled ‘Brooklyn Bridge’. Very easy on the ear thanks to its piano/vocal combination, the song is written by David Kaufman and Brie Capone, with the backing of their regular band.

This combination has worked hard to gain some traction on the New York musical landscape, while remaining independent and carving their own path for the last two years.

Kaufman’s contribution is to take simple(ish) chord patterns and spin them into lovely piano parts with nice subtle notes and details. Capone meanwhile is the vocalist, and has a very nice, deep timbre to her voice which sets it apart. You can hear the song in full alongside its handheld camera captured video above, and get it now from here.