Tom Jarvis releases impressive double A single – ‘Ordinary Lie’/’Wonder of Time’

Available now on iTunes, Tom Jarvis has released his new double single pulling together two excellent tracks in ‘Wonder of Time’ (above) and ‘Ordinary Lie’. Revelling in a distinct pop style with driving, rocky overtones, Jarvis is one of a number of upcoming pop artists receiving full backing from BBC introducing on both a national and local level.

His previous EP ‘Make Your Own Luck’ was aptly titled, with enough quality to win him over many new fans and score him high profile supporting gigs with the likes of Example and Scouting for Girls. And now, with new material on the way, this new single does a great job of keeping up that momentum.

‘All The Same’ video out now from Luke Potter

Impactful pop with a stellar bass line to drive it and a certain Ed Sheeran vibe, ‘All the Same’ is the latest single from up and coming pop songwriter Luke Potter. Built around a solid chorus and that lovely bass line, the single takes a sideways glance at the cookie-cutter life we’re expected to make for ourselves, perhaps wondering if there’s something more to it.

With this kind of pop music being released against his name, there’s every chance that there IS something more for Luke Potter. Easy to dance to as well as making a point, the balance between message and accessibility is spot on here. No wonder the video views are into the tens of thousands, and long may this success continue.