The Rebel Scientist gets high on pop with new EP

It’s not very often that a songwriter translates the pure joy and love of music into their songwriting. Some might write upbeat music, while still others use music as the vehicle for their pain. In the case of The Rebel Scientist, his new four track EP simply leaps out of the headphones full of that intangible passion.

Over the course of the EP, the pace ebbs and flows as the melodies overlap and layer up. Rebel Scientist is also joined by four different vocalists for the EP (he’s a guitarist by trade and as such gives up vocal prominence), which immediately gives each track its own flavour.

What they all have in common though is that they are written by someone who clearly loves pop music. It’s a much maligned genre, and in some cases its detractors will rightly say that the pre-packaged artists that make it to TV and Radio screens are interchangeable. But, done well, pop is perhaps the most fun genre to enjoy. And when an EP is this good, that’s easy to do.

‘Never Stop Waiting for You’ is out now: iTunes / Spotify


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