Prints Jackson, one single per month until the day he dies…

Song number 19 so far in his monthly run of singles, ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ is the latest indie flecked single from songwriter Prints Jackson. His day job is to compose music for games, films and TV, and in his down time he has chosen – perhaps surprisingly – to just keep on making music.

His mission statement, started in March of last year, is to release one independent single (alongside full artwork and a video) per month, and he has promised to do so until the day he dies.

It’s one hell of a project, and admirable in its ambition. Previous singles can be found, along with the dazzling array of artwork, at, and we really hope he can keep up the schedule and quality shown so far. This is real music, from a real music lover, and thus deserves a hell of a lot of credit.

New album from Russell Suereth

Out now from online sources, ‘Spiritual Haven’ is the new album from new age songwriter and composer Russell Suereth. It’s not a genre you come across very often, with current trends leaning towards indie-rock, rap, hip-hop and dance-pop.

However, this certainly has its place as something different to the norm, and given the chance it’s supremely relaxing. In fact, one look at the website and you’ll find that this kind of ambient music has all sorts of mental and physical benefits.

‘Realization’, the track above, is taken from the album.

Kelly Moneymaker wows on new album ‘Stone’

When track number one of your album is the soulful, upbeat ”Skippin’ Stones’ – which can be heard above – then the early indications are you’re on to a winner. The good news for US singer Kelly Moneymaker, is that those early indications are correct.

The 12 tracks that follow are just as joyful, and just as full of energy. They don’t all have this pace, because a bit of light and shade is needed to stop things becoming monotonous.

However, whether the songs are fleet of foot (‘Skippin’ Stones’, ‘Mudslide’), mid-tempo (‘Campin’ Song’) or slow (‘You Know How To Love Me’), this feels like a celebration. A celebration of soul, rock and roll and an epic vocal performance from Moneymaker.

Video: The Humble Grapes – ‘Young and Alive’

A songwriting duo backed by their trusty band, The Humble Grapes are song writers Brie Capone and David Kaufman. Based in NYC, the band today (Sept 18th) see the release of new single ‘Young and Alive’ on all good online stores.

Take a look at the video above, and head over to if you like what you hear.

Afrosonics new video – ‘Che Che Kule’

A band from the US who are reportedly looking to dip their toe into the UK music scene, Afrosonics are huge eight piece collective who simply love to make music people can dance to. As you can see from the video above – a live performance of track ‘Che Che Kule’ with the studio recording dubbed over the top – it works.

Labelling themselves ‘Afro rock’, the band mix genres and cultures to create their unusual sound. It’s not quite indie or rock, not quite reggae or soul, it’s something in between. The key thing here is that it’s energetic and great fun, the kind of thing you can imagine killing it at a festival.

It’s in this environment – huge festivals in their local area – where Afrosonics are making their name in front of crowds of thousands. And if they can send that many people home happy, there’s no reason why they can’t do the same on these shores.



New video from Baron Goodlove – ‘Orpheus’

With great, deft support from his band The Dreadful Noise, the new track from Baron Goodlove (aka Joe Nesbitt-Larking) is gritty little diamond of a song. Smooth but earthy.

‘While you murdered every spark of what your love unlocked and maligned me’ is just one example how how the Baron can write and deliver a juicy phrase, and that it’s delivered with such an assured indie-blues sound is just a bonus.

Revelling in his taste for Victorian fashion, Baron Goodlove is much more than just an act who dresses like a century old gent. He’s also a talented musician to boot, and one to watch.

Ricky on Guitar ready for ‘Chapter II’ – new EP coming Sept 28th

RickyOnGuitar chapter 2 profile picA creative songwriter with a versatile background, Ricky on Guitar (real name Ricky Sharma) has many different strings to his bow.

A composer, writer and excellent guitarist, he is – by day – an in demand session player who has worked on some of the finest stages and with many big name producers.

However, in between those appointments, Ricky takes great pride in working on creative projects with up and coming, independent artists, as well as his own solo material.

His new EP, due on September 28th, is his second solo EP, titled simply ‘Chapter II’. Featuring a range of styles and genres, it’s a difficult one to pigeonhole – how many releases do you have in your collection which contain both hip hop and classical guitar?

However, one thing it does do is show the skill and versatility in Ricky’s locker. You can pre-order the EP now at

Huge new pop single from Rachel London – ‘Runnin” is out now

Available now through Sony music, the new single from Rachel London looks likely to mark her out as one of the ‘most likely to succeed’ in the world of dance pop right now. Dynamically produced and with a strong vocal line from London, the song is right on the money in terms of quality and pop music trends right now.

Based in LA but producing a sound that could see her become a household name the world over, Rachel London is also getting ready for the Autumn release of a new EP. And if the rest of the tracks follow ‘Runnin” in terms of style, genre and quality, it won’t be long before hers is a familiar face. And it doesn’t hurt that that face is easy on the eye too.

In the words of ‘Runnin” – “there’s no stopping this.”