Humble UK rapper Stash Peso is turning heads, new single and EP out now

In the press release for the new single/EP combination from London rapper Stash Peso, there’s a passage that really sticks out from the rest. Describing the influences and inspiration behind his EP ‘Shine’ and new single ‘Glow’, Stash Peso says the following:

‘‘Glow’ is written from a personal place, about being happy with yourself not matter who judges you and tries to mould you into something you’re not’. Meanwhile, on EP ‘Shine’ he says ‘thinking of the name for the EP was straightforward – I’m not a star and don’t want to be but I can still shine.’

Both of these statements speak to a well-grounded artist with a top-class attitude. It helps, of course, that the quality is high in the single and throughout the EP. You should seek it out if you enjoy discovering new talent first.

Souleye album ‘Shapeshifting’ out now – ‘The Victim’ free download

Shimmering and intriguing, the track above is the first single from the similarly shiny new album from Souleye. ‘The Victim’ track can be downloaded for free from here, while album ‘Shapeshifting’ is out now in all the usual digital outlets.

A bold reimagining of the rap genre, the album finds a confident writer on good form. It’s always a mark of confidence if a single isn’t one of the first songs on a full album, and the fact that ‘The Victim’ doesn’t show up until late in the game speaks volumes.

By then, if listening through the album, you’ll have realised that this release is dynamic and thoughtfully written, moulding positive messages and worldly observations into the fabric of the whole thing. The fact that it does all this while staying wholly entertaining makes this album one to watch.

Order ‘Shapeshifting’ now