Francis Groove targets club success with new remix

When you think of the awesome amount of talent available on the every growing internet scene, you can’t help but think a lot of it is such a waste. Some artists out there simply deserve more ears on their side, but with so many artists to listen to and only so many music fans to go around, how do you break through.

One solid approach is to go via clubland, a route along which Francis Groove has more than enough talent to travel. His new single ‘Alright (Take My Hand)’ is out now and finds him on fine form alongside vocalist Tony G. It’s out now on iTunes.

Angie and the Deserters serve up delicious country single ‘Country Radio’

In recent years it’s been easier than ever to get hold of new folk and country music, so fans of the genre often have almost too much choice when it comes to new artists. One artist that definitely should jump to the top of your ‘must listen’ list is Angie and the Deserters.

A US band who have toured Europe as well as their own country, they are steadily building a reputation for well written songs like new single ‘Country Radio’. As is the tradition, the track tells something of a tale – one which may or may not be based on truth – and wraps it warmly in a lilting vocal and flickering guitar.

The single is taken from an album titled ‘Blood Like Wine’ which, if the rest of the songs are anything like this, will be well worth checking out.

Ashley J offers up superb pop single ‘Dare Ya’

Stop the presses people – at long last we have the crossover we’ve been looking for. Blending real, rocky tones with the accessibility of straight up pop, Ashley J is perhaps the finest example of this mix since Shania Twain. That might sound like damning with faint praise, but it’s not – Twain’s music was a superb blend of rootsy charm and dancefloor filling tuneage, and Ashley J captures that feel perfectly.

New single ‘Dare Ya’ is out now – a third single which is further making her case as a next big thing of pop.

Rachel Sage – ‘Choreographic’ album coming soon

A songwriter with a background in dance (the art, not the music genre), it’s not overly surprising that US artist Rachel Sage has named her upcoming album ‘Choreographic’. That album, which blends Sage’s catchy style of pop song writing with a touch of folk and a hint of rock, is set to be a 14 track treat including the track above, ‘Try Try Try’.

If you’re in any doubt about the quality of her music, you should bear in mind that her band include musicians who have played with Coldplay, Adele and many others, so there’s a fine pedigree there.

This quality comes across in both the track above and the upcoming single ‘I Don’t Believe It’ – the video for which is coming soon. In the meantime, check out for the most up to date info (including a special UK date on June 2nd….).