Philip Murray Warson releases folk double download

With a website titled ‘Real Music Network’, it’s only fitting that we pay tribute to new artists who create new music at its most ‘real’. Arguably, there are few genres more immediate, raw and ‘real’ than folk, so it’s always great when a new folk artist picks up some good traction in online circles.

Philip Murray Warson is just such an artist. His previous EP ‘Last of the Hunted’ already won him a host of online fans, and now new download single ‘The Trees They Grow So High’ has been featured by Mark Radcliffe on his BBC radio show. It’s a great sign for an artist looking to build a reputation in the industry, and not bad at all considering the single is a simple, online free download release.

You can get it now from soundcloud alongside another free download in ‘The Falling of the Leaves’, or you can head over to Bandcamp to get those tracks alongside three others as part of Philip Murray Warson’s most recent EP.

Joe Rhinewine shows his individuality on debut EP

Clocking in at a tidy 5 tracks totalling around 20 minutes, the new EP from original song writer Joe Rhinewine is a short, sharp and well judged introduction to perhaps one of the most unusual artists you’re likely to hear this year. With a healthy respect for the skill and musicianship that goes into old school funk and blues, Rhinewine has embraced the style for his ‘Songs from NowHere’ EP, but adapted it to make it his own.

The blues foundations of the record, which are played with real dexterity by Rhinewine himself, take something of a backseat to his unique lyrical writing style and delivery. As a practicing Buddhist, it won’t surprise you to learn that some of his songs take on a real depth of meaning and feeling, while others border on the banal. Take for example the track above – delivering sly humour while not being about anything in particular. This blend of the blues, the deep and the shallow make for a very compelling collection, well worth seeking out on Amazon if you’re in the mood for something different.