US songwriter Mimi R shares new EP – ‘The Angeles Project’

Described on the soundcloud page as ‘Soulful, sinful pop and longing from the City of Angels’, the new songwriting project from Cali songwriter Mimi R and producer Andrew Brassell is called ‘The Angeles Project’.

Atmopsheric and moving in an off kilter kind of way, their music is both a love and a hate letter to their home city of Los Angeles, celebrated in the form of their self-titled debut EP. The track above is the lead single, ‘Paper Heart’, which perfectly encapsulates the feel of the whole thing. An almost-country pop vibe but with a contemporary, urban feel, this is really excellent work from the first time collaborators. And, as diverse as that description sounds, there’s even some space in there for some 80s vibes too.

It all adds up to a great first release, available now on iTunes and well recommended by us. If you only try out one contemporary-80s-altpop-country group this week, make it this one.

Sam Scherdel hits the road to promote new EP

Currently available through all digital outlets, the new EP from Sam Scherdel, ‘Cruel Beautiful World’, is somehow summed up nicely by its own title. Cruel and beautiful.

Emotive and subtle but at the same time rocked up, the EP is a great release from an excellent writer, and in even better news, he is getting ready to start a UK tour this Friday.

If you haven’t yet sampled the work of Sam Scherdel, give this a spin:

Clever stuff, and just a small taste of what you can get from the live show. Get on board!


Tour Dates:

Fri 23rd January        Little Theatre              Doncaster

Tues 3rd February     Thirsty Scholar           Manchester

Wed 4th February      Double Denim             Leeds

Sat 21st February       Proud                          Camden (London)

Fri 3rd April                O2 Academy               Sheffield

Nuborg is back! ‘Sliding Off the Edge of the World’ album out now

Having worked throughout 2014 to bring out a series of brilliant preview singles, Nuborg (the project of a songwriter from Norway called Gunhild Nyborg) has started 2015 with the final collection of tracks. Here’s the title track – hit play before you continue reading:

As you can see, this is understated, contemplative and high quality music with a unique production approach. It’s not bombastic or in your face, but gradually grows into something genuinely epic and beautiful. This is something you could have said about any of the singles from last year, but as a full package of nine songs the effect is even bigger.

Not all the songs are as ominous as the above, and there are many lighter moments to provide contrast. It makes for a fully rounded album of ambient sound – there may not be a lot of pace to many of the songs, but this is music for the patient, and it will grow on you quicker that you expect.

Singer-songwriter Patrick McCallion launches Kickstarter campaign for new EP

Currently working on a follow up to the excellent single above, Patrick McCallion’s Small Words are planning a new EP for 2015. But first, they need your help.

They’re currently running a kickstarter campaign (click here) to raise £2,000 for the project, which promises not only top quality, blues-indie rock, but also special rewards for those who contribute. So, if you think this song rocks as much as we do, I’m sure this aspiring (and very good) songwriter and his band would be very grateful of the help.

‘The Worst Has Just Begun’ – Lonna Marie’s new EP

Not as scary as the EP title makes it sound, ‘The Worst Has Just Begun’ is the new three song release from excellent US songwriter Lonna Marie. With a quiet energy and an obvious quality to the production, it’s an EP that has the potential to take this new artist a long way.

The above lyric video does an excellent job of showing off the edge to her lyrical approach, married beautifully to a country style that’s like a more grown up version of a certain Miss Swift (with whom she has been compared). Those comparisons are a little unfair though, as Lonna Marie is less commercial in her efforts, while still very accessible. It’s subtle, but there is a difference there that marks her out.

The EP is produced by Will Golden, who has worked on TV shows in the US to give them their music, and he’s turned his hands to straight production brilliantly here. Three swings, three home runs, no strikes – it’s not a bad ratio at all.

Get the EP here.