Nuborg is back! ‘Sliding Off the Edge of the World’ album out now

Having worked throughout 2014 to bring out a series of brilliant preview singles, Nuborg (the project of a songwriter from Norway called Gunhild Nyborg) has started 2015 with the final collection of tracks. Here’s the title track – hit play before you continue reading:

As you can see, this is understated, contemplative and high quality music with a unique production approach. It’s not bombastic or in your face, but gradually grows into something genuinely epic and beautiful. This is something you could have said about any of the singles from last year, but as a full package of nine songs the effect is even bigger.

Not all the songs are as ominous as the above, and there are many lighter moments to provide contrast. It makes for a fully rounded album of ambient sound – there may not be a lot of pace to many of the songs, but this is music for the patient, and it will grow on you quicker that you expect.

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