Troubadour Calming River releases new EP

A troubadour in the truest sense, songwriter Calming River has been plying his trade for some time now, travelling Europe and sharing his very own brand of mature acoustica. Having spent time in the UK, Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, he has now settled in Denmark, where his excellent new EP ‘The Ones That We Left Behind’ was recorded.

Recorded in the city of Aarhaus with Rasmus Nielson on production duties, the EP only contains four songs, but boasts more depth than many full length albums. Take the song above, ‘Solemn Witness’ as an example. That soulful voice matches perfectly against the intricacies of the guitar work, making for a compelling sound all by itself. Add the emotional depth of the lyrics and you’ve got a real contender on your hands.

Indya release rocking new single ‘Not a Line’

A songwriter with a strong rock vein and a clear love of old school gothic/70s style, Natalie Indya West and her band have released huge new single ‘Not a Line’.

Chock full of powerful guitar riffs, head turning vocals and a solid, impactful energy, the single proves that this is band and a songwriter to be reckoned with in their chosen genre. A new song with the old style sound of those guitar hero classics we all know and love? Sign us up.

Cult US songwriter John Wheeler releases ‘Difficult #2 Album’ and new single

Released at the end of January, the new album from John Wheeler is something of an unusual proposition. Having made his name as front man of cult group Hayseed Dixie, Wheeler has gone solo for a new album, his second, fittingly titled ‘Difficult #2 album’. You don’t have to work hard to recognise the subtext. Especially when you consider the first single is called ‘Too Much Poop to Flush’.

Those who groan at the title punnery though should look further into this album – one on which Wheeler slightly moves away from the straighter folk leanings of Hayseed Dixie and enters a slightly more roots-rock environment. It’s a album which does two things.

One, it establishes Wheeler as a solo performer of note, and though his Hayseed Dixie material is strong as ever, he has plenty to offer of his own volition. Two, the album makes some good points about the way people live their lives, while avoiding the speechifying and preaching that often comes with this approach. ‘Too Much Poop to Flush’ is a great example of this.

Taken literally, the title suggests a track of a very different tone to the one above. Instead, the song makes a very important point – if the human race keeps making such a mess of the planet, we will reach a point where we won’t be able to clean up after ourselves. It’s a point which is made often in mainstream media, but John Wheeler is taking a different approach, and should be applauded for that.

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8th EP release from excellent female folkie Flaming June

Singer-songwriter Louise Eatock – under her stage name Flaming June – is a Cambridge based artist who clearly has a lot to say. Thankfully, she has ample talent to say it, and with 8 EP releases and counting, it looks like there’s plenty more to come.

Her new EP, ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’, returns to a full band sound after more recent releases have had more of an acoustic feel. These added elements give her sound more depth, adding to lyrics which already swim with meaning.

Music fans with a fondness for lyrics with true feeling will find a lot to enjoy here, even more so if they like a bit of folk. Jump over to the website for plenty more where this came from.