Christine Saadé – ‘Get Together’ dance remix out now

For fans of dance music on the hunt for something new, the latest track from Christine Saadé might just be of interest. After her track ‘Get Together’ was remixed by Twisted Dee, the pounding results were so good that the decision was taken to release it as a stand alone single.

Perfect for club dancefloors, the song is full off buzz and energy, ensuring it does exactly what every good dance track does – get you moving.

The track is out now on iTunes, and there’s more on the way from Christine Saadé very soon.

Astronauts of Antiquity unleash new alt-electropop single ‘Future Back’

Out now on iTunes, ‘Future Back’ is the captivating new single from Astronauts of Antiquity. A group who experiment with the boundaries of pop and electronica, they once again find themselves on great form with this new release.

Having gained a following thanks to features with a number of huge outlets, the band seem to go from strength to strength with each new single release, and ‘Future Back’ is no exception. It’s helped too by the charming lo-fi video that accompanies it, capturing the spirit and message of the song very well indeed.

If you like it as much as we do, you can get all the gossip on their upcoming new EP here.

New single: ‘Forever Girl’ remix from Voodoo Dancer

Pulling together a spacious, synth led pop vibe with a four on the floor dance beat, the new single/remix from NYC based prospect Voodoo Dancer is out now on iTunes. The song is an update of ‘Forever Girl’, a previous single which has been given a club makeover for round two and to strong effect.

Subtitled the ‘Raw Beautiful Club Mix’, remix duties were handled by Eric Kupper and give a previously laid back single a new pace and edge.

Francis Groove targets club success with new remix

When you think of the awesome amount of talent available on the every growing internet scene, you can’t help but think a lot of it is such a waste. Some artists out there simply deserve more ears on their side, but with so many artists to listen to and only so many music fans to go around, how do you break through.

One solid approach is to go via clubland, a route along which Francis Groove has more than enough talent to travel. His new single ‘Alright (Take My Hand)’ is out now and finds him on fine form alongside vocalist Tony G. It’s out now on iTunes.

Free single out now: Reigen, ‘Real New Yorker’ out now

New York artist Reigen is a dance-pop artist on the rise in New York’s underground electronica scene. His tracks are radio ready and well produced, matching some great dance beats to his airy vocal to infectious effect.

His new single, ‘Real New Yorker’, is perhaps his strongest single in a two year period which has seen him get better and better over the course of five single releases. Each of his previous tracks (which can be found at Soundcloud along with this free download) boast several qualities, but here he’s tied a number of them together for one, showstopping turn.

You can find more and learn all about Reigen’s music at his website.

Free Download for electronica fans: Rick Tryfle – ‘Escapism’

‘Lets get away, get lost, get high, disappear!’ – so says the description for the latest free download from German electronica artist Rick Tryfle, and it’s a fitting summation of the song itself.

‘Escapism’ itself is a fitting title for a track which slips easily into a groove and draws you in for its duration. It’s a difficult line which pure electronic music has to tread – by its nature it’s very keenly constructed, and not improvised in the same way that a four piece rock band band can come up with something on the spur of the moment in the studio. However, the best electronic have that spirit – that laid back feel that belies the hard work and tinkering behind the scenes.

By creating a hypnotic pulse to his latest single, Rick Tryfle has really set the standard for instrumental hip-hop driven electronica – and we look forward to hearing what comes next.

‘Midnight Sun’ album out now from MetaQuorum

Described in their press release as ‘compelling, atmospheric, funky jazz fusion’, the new album from MetaQuorum is a real mind bender. Marrying a host of influences that you wouldn’t expect to blend, the LP is a great example of what creative minds can do when working at a high level.

Released alongside the single above, ‘North Sea Fret’, this album is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for people who like to know what to expect from their music. Instead, think of it as an album for the adventurous. It’s certainly the first of its kind to have been brought to our attention this year, and it will likely be the last.

Catchy, funky, rhythmic and at the same time extremely off-kilter, this is original in the best ways.

Buy the album:

Nuborg is back! ‘Sliding Off the Edge of the World’ album out now

Having worked throughout 2014 to bring out a series of brilliant preview singles, Nuborg (the project of a songwriter from Norway called Gunhild Nyborg) has started 2015 with the final collection of tracks. Here’s the title track – hit play before you continue reading:

As you can see, this is understated, contemplative and high quality music with a unique production approach. It’s not bombastic or in your face, but gradually grows into something genuinely epic and beautiful. This is something you could have said about any of the singles from last year, but as a full package of nine songs the effect is even bigger.

Not all the songs are as ominous as the above, and there are many lighter moments to provide contrast. It makes for a fully rounded album of ambient sound – there may not be a lot of pace to many of the songs, but this is music for the patient, and it will grow on you quicker that you expect.

Acid sax trio Moon Hooch share new music video, play live in London this week with EP due October 13th‏

Following the success of their street busking escapades back in July, Moon Hooch return to our shores this month with a new EP titled Eat Your Veggies, due for release October 13th via Megaforce Records.

Featuring four sax-driven, floor filling tracks, Eat Your Veggies is an unalloyed insight to the strident tones of three jazz schooled Brooklynites throwing caution to the wind. Creating their own strain of contemporary dance music, Moon Hooch demolish a genre that has long played victim to its own unoriginal and predictable sound.

Moon Hooch’s honking sax lines brought Kingsland Road to a standstill this summer, busking their way around London, playing to foot-stomping crowds in their hundreds from the back of their van. This jazz-infected trio start an impromptu dance party anywhere they roam, watch the antics unfold in Dalston, Brixton and Brighton in this short film:

In a mission to replace the synthesisers and samplers of today’s dance floors with traditional acoustic instruments, Moon Hooch coined the term Cave Music to define their unique and limitless sound – like house music, but more organic, primitive, jagged and raw.

The jazz schooled trio, comprised of Wenzl McGowen (tenor sax, bari sax, contrabass clarinet, EWI), Michael Wilbur (tenor sax, soprano sax, vocals), and James Muschler (drums, percussion) employ avant-garde techniques to traditional playing to recreate the sounds of contemporary synths and samplers. Their duelling sax tones not only adopt rigorous reed manipulation, but incorporate all manner of unexpected materials. Traffic cones and plastic pipes add other worldly range and depth to McGowen’s tone, whilst broken splash cymbals taped to Muschlers snare drum evoke sounds akin to the infamous Roland TR-808.

Moon Hooch not only adopt a pure and natural mind-set when making music, but apply an organic way of thinking to their personal lives too. The aptly titled Cooking in the Cave is a blog ran by the band documenting their vegan cooking habits whilst on tour.

As a band, we strive to use the universal power of music to inspire connection between people, to influence sustainable culture in which basic human needs are met, and to contribute to the organification of all aspects of our lives.” – Wenzl McGowen

Having cut their teeth busking on the subway platforms and penetrating the ears of London back in July, Moon Hooch will grace our shores again this month for more impromptu, Cave Music chaos. Catch them live at the dates below.


September Live Dates
25th Brixton, The Windmill
26th Kingston, Bacchus
28th Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen

New single from NuBorg out now – ‘Inanna’

As the lyrics say, ‘Inanna’ sees Norwegian singer-songwriter NuBorg ‘exploring the dark side’. The construction of the staccato vocal melody over the humming, simple chord pattern makes for an excellent combination, creating a deliciously dark atmosphere which is easy to enjoy.

The single, the latest in NuBorg’s monthly single release schedule which will see a new song born on the 15th of each month, is another about turn to the realm of ambient pop after last month’s ‘You You’ was more commercial. The previous month’s ‘Sliding Off the Edge of the World’ shares more DNA with this latest, and it will once again be very interesting to see where NuBorg goes from here, with only two months of this excellent project left.