Free Download for electronica fans: Rick Tryfle – ‘Escapism’

‘Lets get away, get lost, get high, disappear!’ – so says the description for the latest free download from German electronica artist Rick Tryfle, and it’s a fitting summation of the song itself.

‘Escapism’ itself is a fitting title for a track which slips easily into a groove and draws you in for its duration. It’s a difficult line which pure electronic music has to tread – by its nature it’s very keenly constructed, and not improvised in the same way that a four piece rock band band can come up with something on the spur of the moment in the studio. However, the best electronic have that spirit – that laid back feel that belies the hard work and tinkering behind the scenes.

By creating a hypnotic pulse to his latest single, Rick Tryfle has really set the standard for instrumental hip-hop driven electronica – and we look forward to hearing what comes next.


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