JildyT featuring Snoop Dogg ‘Love Love Love’

JildyT, aka “The Hippie Chick” or “The Robin Hood of Records”, is all about spreading the “Love Love Love” as a singer, songwriter, and producer. JildyT is an angel of sound that embodies a natural flow of peace and love vibes; bow and arrow in hand aiming at touching hearts. Known for contributing to the fight of Domestic Violence (DV), she is helping women and children that have suffered in private and bringing her light to a world of darkness where it is easy to feel forgotten.

Her single so fittingly named “Love Love Love” features Snoop Dog that combines an upbeat and chill tempo. An easy going song to listen to, that will get you feeling the “Love Love Love” and SINGING it!

Purchase and download JildyT’s single “Love Love Love” feat. Snoop Dog! Don’t just groove to the beat, make the earth shake and be apart of a MOVEMENT! Half of all proceeds from this single will go to the Jenesse Center.

New folk EP from Chris Hornsby

A new artist with old school charm, please welcome singer-songwriter Chris Hornsby:


This track, taken from upcoming EP ‘Human, Too Human’, sums up Chris Hornsby relatively well. Catchy folk tracks married to thoughtful lyrics and a bright feel to the production.

With five tracks to choose from over the course of the new EP, due May 22nd, there will be very few folk fans who won’t find something to enjoy here. And, with folk and acoustic singer-songwriters currently en vogue in the chart, it might well be that we all become a lot better acquainted with Chris Hornsby going forward.

Whether that’s his overall aim remains to be seen, but in the meantime this release is a great introduction to a promising new artist.

Free download alert! Kelz TBK – ‘Hold Up’

Taken from his online mixtape ‘The Black Kupid 2’, the track above is the latest free download from Hackney based rapper and songwriter Kelz TBK.

With bods already taking note of him at key tastemakers such as MTV and the MOBO.com, his is a star on the rise, and he’s currently celebrating that fact by offering ‘Hold Up’ to old and new fans alike.

An edgy, tripping urban track that slowly draws you in and keeps you there, it’s a great introduction to his offbeat style for the uninitiated. And, with the backing of management company M2Music, Kelz has a lot of potential to break through even further in 2015.

With radio play building and his BBC selection for reality show ‘South Side Story’, Kelz TBK is well on the way to becoming a household name, and compelling evidence such as ‘Hold Up’ isn’t going to hurt either.