Anna Mar re-imagines Damien Marley’s ‘There For You’

Released on February 26th and available on iTunes, ‘There For You’ is the compelling new single from the excellent Anna Mar. A Romanian vocalist who has struggled to make a name for herself in a country with a very limited music scene, Anna may just have found her ticket with her own version of this excellent Damien Marley track.


The song has support from Marley himself, not to mention Universal and EMI, so it’s little wonder that Romanian TV and radio have picked up on it. And now, with its world wide digital release, there’s every chance that Anna Mar’s sound might reach an audience outside her homeland.

New single and video from Magazine Gap – Pop gold in ‘What’s That About?’

With a style and vocal delivery which immediately brings to mind the likes of early Maroon 5, Magazine Gap are clearly a band that are on to a winner. Built on a foundation of a solid bassline and rhythm section, new single ‘What’s That About?’ does a great job of setting the scene for an upcoming album.


The video too gives a taste of why Magazine Gap might well be a hot independent ticket in their hometown of London in the coming years. Once again, it’s a simple setting, but classily delivered – much like their music.

Tablefox release emotionally charged debut album

Written at a time when all the band members were beset by personal tragedies, there’s a real sense of both loss and hope at the heart of ‘Objects’ – the debut album from New Zealand indie rockers Tablefox. Far from wallowing in the bereavements the band were suffering at the time of writing, you get the feeling that the song writing and lyrics are offered depth of feeling by real life happenings.

This depth is aided not only by the lyrics, but by the musicianship and layering on offer throughout the LP (available now on Bandcamp). In some sections things are sparse and thoughtful, while in others the pace ramps up nicely. Certain sections come across like the modern synth rock of The Killers, others hark back towards the New Waye.

In spite of all these stylistic ebbs and flows, the thing that stitches it all together is quality. Make sure ‘Objects’ is high on your independent list, and keep a sharp eye on Tablefox for the future.

New single pays tribute to Nigella Lawson. ‘Nigella’, by Nigellarox….

With an obvious sense of fun but a real touch of affection to it to, new single ‘Nigella’ is due for release on April 1st. Written by Simon Clothier but released under the moniker Nigellarox, it’s a nod of the head to TV chef Nigella Lawson and her somewhat unique charms.

The song itself has a few unique charms of its own, which is perhaps why its release is backed by Universal Records – and when a songwriter gets backing like that for a one-off single with a tinge of novelty factor, there’s every chance that writer will have a long and successful career.

Rock single from Jeremy? – ‘Two Weeks To The Great Escape’ track out now

When you think of countries known for spawning great rock bands, Bulgaria may not be near the top of that list. However, Jeremy? are a heavy-set four piece who may be about to change that. New single ‘Two Weeks to the Great Escape’ – born from a great appearance at the cult Brighton festival – shows that Jeremy? have both the musical chops and the energy to stake a claim.

Festival appearances like this, plus other appearances at shows around Europe, show that they are staring to build their reputation outside of their home country. And if they keep working at it, they might inspire Bulgaria to become a real rock hotbed.

EP preview – The Late Yetis precede EP with single ‘Blood Driven’

An indie band with a strong rock and grunge bent, The Late Yetis are a 5 piece group who spring from different cultures, influences and genres to create a sound which is fairly unique in the current climate. In particular, their harkening back to the golden days of grunge now sets them apart – what’s old is new again thanks to their vitality and style.


New single ‘Blood Driven’ is out now and sums up perfectly what makes their sound and approach so compelling. It takes ideas from heavy rock but examines them in with several mellower moments, making more impact than a song which is turned up to 11 throughout. EP ‘Per Contra’ is released on March 1st, check out the Bandcamp if you like what you’re hearing.

Patrick McCallion – ‘Voices’ video out now for upcoming single

A fine singer-songwriter who has featured in these pages before, Patrick McCallion is a shining light emanating from the north of England. A songwriter who revels in raw sounds and smart, creative songwriting, his new single ‘Voices’ comes out at the end of this month.

In order to promote it, the video above finds McCallion on cheeky form, marrying silent film images to his indie-rock sound to solid effect. If you like what you’re hearing, follow him online at the links below, and make a note in your diary to nab the single once it’s out.