Deathcats prepare for debut album and UK tour

Following on from their successful EP ‘The Raddest and a split tape with Fruit Tones of Manchester, Glagow trio Deathcats are readying for the release of their debut album on June 9th through Fuzzkill Records, plus a UK tour to take place throughout next month.

Specialising in fuzzy surf rockiness, the band have been building quite a following in all the right places, with This Is Fake DIY naming them ‘Big Neu Thing’, Clash magazine declaring them a band worth watching and support from Radio 1’s Ally McRae.

Grab the album from June 9th, and catch them before they’re big (dates in London and Leeds also to be confirmed):

June 4th – Go North Festival – Inverness

June 7th – Beat Generator – Dundee

June 13th – Cabaret Voltaire – Edinburgh

June 14th – Broadcast – Glasgow (Official Album Launch Show)

June 27th – Sheffield – venue TBC

June 28th – Manchester – venue TBC

July 2nd – Dunfermline – PJ Molloys


For more information:


Free download from the newly renamed Patrick McCallion’s Small Words

Having changed their name from simply Small Words to Patrick McCallion’s Small Words in order to highlight the growing profile of their principle songwriter (the eponymous McCallion), this 5 piece from Yorkshire are making the occasion with the release of free download ‘A Little Light Entertainment’.

With the feel of a speedy, chugging folk song but played on electric guitar, it’s a track that doesn’t lack for quality or enthusiasm. It whips by at a nippy clip, done and dusted in under three minutes with its point well made.

The press release calls it a ‘message song’, about the pros and cons of the social media revolution, but it doesn’t get weighed down by the subject matter, taking a light hearted swipe at our internet habits while also acknowledging the good points. But it also works as a good song if you ignore all that and just enjoy the feel.

Download ‘A Little Light Entertainment’ free here:

NuBorg is back – ‘You You’

A follow up to the recent ‘Sliding Off the Edge of the World‘, ‘You You’ is another brand new single from NuBorg. With a more acoustic-pop infused sound, the atmospherics of her previous single have been left behind for something all the more radio-friendly:

The ‘poppiness’ however doesn’t make for a dip in quality, as the lyrics about appreciating your own inner beauty in the face of insecurities really do hit home. We’ve been promised a return to the more atmospheric likes of her previous single, but in the meantime this is another very pleasant stop on NuBorg’s journey.

You can buy the single here.

Tokyo Taboo – L.A. Love (Official Music Video)

Meet Tokyo Taboo’s Laura and Mike, throwing hyperactive pop rock at you with tongue in cheek lyrics and blazing melodic hooks. After months of conception on June 9th their newborn baby “Porno Star” will pop out, an upbeat, synth rock driven 5 track EP with high energy and anthemic hooks. Produced and arranged by Stereophonics’ producer /co-writer Jim Lowe, “Porno Star” showcases Tokyo Taboo at their best exploring themes of sex, freedom and ….more sex.

Tokyo Taboo’s “L.A. Love” video shows off their high energy performance and colourful visuals .The buzzing euphoria of La La Land as a backdrop acts to heighten Tokyo Taboo’s rainbow energy as the band dance on rooftops Downtown, spin in circles on top of the Hollywood sign and race down the board walk of Venice Beach. 

5th June 2014-“Porno Star” EP Launch Night @ Cargo, London
“Hyperactive multicoloured superhero pop with overtly suggestive lyrics and a lead singer who says she’d like to fly naked into one of their gigs one day? Hell yeah!” The Von Pip Musical Express

Len – Steal My Sunshine [Remastered Anniversary Edition]

It’s been fifteen years since Len’s Steal My Sunshine was unleashed upon the ears of a grateful sun-starved world, quickly becoming not only a massive hit – but one of ‘those’ songs that marks a pivotal moment for a certain generation.

So it’s with all the pride and pleasure in the world that, following a couple of mutually loving tweets, a frenetic discussion over DMs and a whole load of booze soaked chats – Alcopop! Records are announcing the release of Len’s Steal My Sunshine (Remastered for 2014) as Alcopop! Records (Best Small Label – AIM Awards) 100th release: out on tape, tee shirt, retro picture ‘len’sed sunglasses and digital… Just 15 years after it graced the top 10 in the UK, US, Australia, Ireland – and hit number 1 in Canada.

Available immediately on iTunes (impact date: June 16th to coincide with World Cup optimism) and to pre-order in as many retro formats as the boys could think of on, this remaster (which sounds very much like the original… Only a little bit better) is the result, not of some bland licensing agreement between people in suits, but of the shared passion of doing something awesome.