Len – Steal My Sunshine [Remastered Anniversary Edition]

It’s been fifteen years since Len’s Steal My Sunshine was unleashed upon the ears of a grateful sun-starved world, quickly becoming not only a massive hit – but one of ‘those’ songs that marks a pivotal moment for a certain generation.

So it’s with all the pride and pleasure in the world that, following a couple of mutually loving tweets, a frenetic discussion over DMs and a whole load of booze soaked chats – Alcopop! Records are announcing the release of Len’s Steal My Sunshine (Remastered for 2014) as Alcopop! Records (Best Small Label – AIM Awards) 100th release: out on tape, tee shirt, retro picture ‘len’sed sunglasses and digital… Just 15 years after it graced the top 10 in the UK, US, Australia, Ireland – and hit number 1 in Canada.

Available immediately on iTunes (impact date: June 16th to coincide with World Cup optimism) and to pre-order in as many retro formats as the boys could think of on ilovealcopop.co.uk, this remaster (which sounds very much like the original… Only a little bit better) is the result, not of some bland licensing agreement between people in suits, but of the shared passion of doing something awesome.

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