Riez Purba – ‘Heartbreak Never Felt So Sweet’

An original pop track from up and coming songwriter Riez Purba, ‘Heartbreak Never Felt So Sweet’ is a lush pop tune that comes as a ready made radio friendly hit. It’s rare in these cynical times to hear independent artists making strong pop music, with most ‘singer-songwriters’ preferring to go the serious acoustic route. But Riez Purba has hit the nail on the head with this one.

With any luck, you will be hearing even more from Purba soon, as he’s making his way through the rounds of the Open Mic UK competition for 2014. Next weekend will see him perform/compete at their regional showcase in Newcastle (Riez is from Sunderland) and he’ll be hoping to get through to the next round. If he can make progress, he’ll be working with a team who have launched successful careers in the industry before, and he’ll have every chance of getting heads to turn for his brand of dance pop.

NuBorg is back – ‘You You’

A follow up to the recent ‘Sliding Off the Edge of the World‘, ‘You You’ is another brand new single from NuBorg. With a more acoustic-pop infused sound, the atmospherics of her previous single have been left behind for something all the more radio-friendly:

The ‘poppiness’ however doesn’t make for a dip in quality, as the lyrics about appreciating your own inner beauty in the face of insecurities really do hit home. We’ve been promised a return to the more atmospheric likes of her previous single, but in the meantime this is another very pleasant stop on NuBorg’s journey.

You can buy the single here.