Tokyo Taboo – L.A. Love (Official Music Video)

Meet Tokyo Taboo’s Laura and Mike, throwing hyperactive pop rock at you with tongue in cheek lyrics and blazing melodic hooks. After months of conception on June 9th their newborn baby “Porno Star” will pop out, an upbeat, synth rock driven 5 track EP with high energy and anthemic hooks. Produced and arranged by Stereophonics’ producer /co-writer Jim Lowe, “Porno Star” showcases Tokyo Taboo at their best exploring themes of sex, freedom and ….more sex.

Tokyo Taboo’s “L.A. Love” video shows off their high energy performance and colourful visuals .The buzzing euphoria of La La Land as a backdrop acts to heighten Tokyo Taboo’s rainbow energy as the band dance on rooftops Downtown, spin in circles on top of the Hollywood sign and race down the board walk of Venice Beach. 

5th June 2014-“Porno Star” EP Launch Night @ Cargo, London
“Hyperactive multicoloured superhero pop with overtly suggestive lyrics and a lead singer who says she’d like to fly naked into one of their gigs one day? Hell yeah!” The Von Pip Musical Express

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