Charity single: Tenors of Rock cover Dire Straits classic ‘Brothers in Arms’

Poignant in more ways than one, the video above is a snippet of the latest single from the globe trotting vocal group Tenors of Rock – a cover of Dire Straits’ timeless hit ‘Brothers in Arms’.

The single itself is typical Tenors of Rock fare, an already evocative track given a different slant with the soaring harmonies. However, the track also comes attached to a recent sporting tragedy.

Welsh rugby league player Danny Jones passed away on the pitch recently from complications surrounding a heart condition, and is survived by his wife and two small twin daughters. Touched by his passing, Tenors of Rock have released ‘Brothers in Arms’ in tribute to the player, with profits going directly to his family.

Like we said before, poignant in more ways than one.

Tom Ryder with heartfelt new single ‘Silence Breaking Through Sound’

Heartfelt and raw, ‘Silence Breaking Through Sound’ is a new single from Tom Ryder bring released in support of the Macmillan Cancer Support organisation. Set for release on April 19th, the acoustic single is written from painful personal experience when two family members of Tom Ryder were diagnosed with cancer within a short period of time.

The song, feeding from the feeling of something being beyond your control, is a testament to the hard work put in by charities like Macmillan, and Tom Ryder obviously sees this single as a chance to offer something back.

It helps that it’s a fantastic tune too, well worth a copy in support of a good cause once it’s unveiled on April 19th.