US songwriter Mimi R shares new EP – ‘The Angeles Project’

Described on the soundcloud page as ‘Soulful, sinful pop and longing from the City of Angels’, the new songwriting project from Cali songwriter Mimi R and producer Andrew Brassell is called ‘The Angeles Project’.

Atmopsheric and moving in an off kilter kind of way, their music is both a love and a hate letter to their home city of Los Angeles, celebrated in the form of their self-titled debut EP. The track above is the lead single, ‘Paper Heart’, which perfectly encapsulates the feel of the whole thing. An almost-country pop vibe but with a contemporary, urban feel, this is really excellent work from the first time collaborators. And, as diverse as that description sounds, there’s even some space in there for some 80s vibes too.

It all adds up to a great first release, available now on iTunes and well recommended by us. If you only try out one contemporary-80s-altpop-country group this week, make it this one.