‘The Worst Has Just Begun’ – Lonna Marie’s new EP

Not as scary as the EP title makes it sound, ‘The Worst Has Just Begun’ is the new three song release from excellent US songwriter Lonna Marie. With a quiet energy and an obvious quality to the production, it’s an EP that has the potential to take this new artist a long way.

The above lyric video does an excellent job of showing off the edge to her lyrical approach, married beautifully to a country style that’s like a more grown up version of a certain Miss Swift (with whom she has been compared). Those comparisons are a little unfair though, as Lonna Marie is less commercial in her efforts, while still very accessible. It’s subtle, but there is a difference there that marks her out.

The EP is produced by Will Golden, who has worked on TV shows in the US to give them their music, and he’s turned his hands to straight production brilliantly here. Three swings, three home runs, no strikes – it’s not a bad ratio at all.

Get the EP here.