Colour Colour EP ‘Do Something Beautiful’ coming this week, lead track out now

A UK band with their roots firmly planted in the recent traditions of British Rock, Colour Colour are a three piece with true potential. Their new EP ‘Do Something Beautiful’ comes out in all the usual online places this Friday (June 10th) and marks the arrival of a genuine new contender on the indie scene.

As a taster of what’s to come, Colour Colour have released the lead single from the EP (above), and it’s a cracker. Gritty and raw but at the same time slick in its production, it’s clean as a whistle and shows a real proficiency for song writing. It’s upbeat, gets you in the mood for a dance, and has a decent message too. What’s not to like?

Keep an eye on for news on the EP.


Tablefox release emotionally charged debut album

Written at a time when all the band members were beset by personal tragedies, there’s a real sense of both loss and hope at the heart of ‘Objects’ – the debut album from New Zealand indie rockers Tablefox. Far from wallowing in the bereavements the band were suffering at the time of writing, you get the feeling that the song writing and lyrics are offered depth of feeling by real life happenings.

This depth is aided not only by the lyrics, but by the musicianship and layering on offer throughout the LP (available now on Bandcamp). In some sections things are sparse and thoughtful, while in others the pace ramps up nicely. Certain sections come across like the modern synth rock of The Killers, others hark back towards the New Waye.

In spite of all these stylistic ebbs and flows, the thing that stitches it all together is quality. Make sure ‘Objects’ is high on your independent list, and keep a sharp eye on Tablefox for the future.

Rock single from Jeremy? – ‘Two Weeks To The Great Escape’ track out now

When you think of countries known for spawning great rock bands, Bulgaria may not be near the top of that list. However, Jeremy? are a heavy-set four piece who may be about to change that. New single ‘Two Weeks to the Great Escape’ – born from a great appearance at the cult Brighton festival – shows that Jeremy? have both the musical chops and the energy to stake a claim.

Festival appearances like this, plus other appearances at shows around Europe, show that they are staring to build their reputation outside of their home country. And if they keep working at it, they might inspire Bulgaria to become a real rock hotbed.

Elliot Porter releases new video and EP ‘Keep Going’ – Nov 23rd

When a songwriter is backed not only by an independent label (Matchbox Recordings) but by the distributing power of a major player (Universal), that’s usually a good sign in terms of quality. Based in Cambridge, song writer Elliot Porter is definitely a talent, and deserves all the backing he is getting.

A subtle writer in the vein of Damien Rice or Glen Hansard, his sound is primarily acoustic, spinning his lyrics around the tried and true combination of light percussion, acoustic guitar and piano. His vocal also bears up to the Damien Rice comparison – harsh edged and melodic, it is captured with little vocal effect in the production, giving it a real raw quality.

That raw quality is exactly what makes this a release worth recommending. If you enjoy the track above, the EP is available here from November 23rd.

Politically minded new EP from E Mute – ‘I Can Pay For It’

Raw but unblemished, the new EP from songwriter Theo Mak and his musical collective E Mute is a poltically minded indie project who have just released a brand new EP.

To give it it’s full title, ‘I Can Pay For It: A Collection of Songs for the Current Political & Socio-economic Crisis’ takes a gritty look at the political landscape, and doesn’t pull any punches in the lyrics. This fully formed base of opinions forms the core of the four tracks on offer here, and the fact that the tracks are well constructed and suitably raucous for the genre is something of a bonus too.

So, if you enjoy good music that also has a point to make, check it out at the links below.

Spotify / Amazon / Google Play / Rdio

Prints Jackson, one single per month until the day he dies…

Song number 19 so far in his monthly run of singles, ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ is the latest indie flecked single from songwriter Prints Jackson. His day job is to compose music for games, films and TV, and in his down time he has chosen – perhaps surprisingly – to just keep on making music.

His mission statement, started in March of last year, is to release one independent single (alongside full artwork and a video) per month, and he has promised to do so until the day he dies.

It’s one hell of a project, and admirable in its ambition. Previous singles can be found, along with the dazzling array of artwork, at, and we really hope he can keep up the schedule and quality shown so far. This is real music, from a real music lover, and thus deserves a hell of a lot of credit.

Video from The Mexanines – ‘Rocket’

Pronounced ‘Mex-a-neens’ and not ‘Mezz-a-neens’ as you might expect, the Mexanines are a great indie band who can’t really be described as ‘new’. They’ve been around for eight years, and have supported the likes of Pigeon Detectives and Embrace. Their new music, however, has the potential to hit the sweet spot and become an ‘overnight success’ in the same way Elbow did (after years of hard graft).

Because, let’s face it, fantastic songs like ‘Rocket’ don’t come along as soon as a band gets together. And now, sure of their sound and approach, the time is right for The Mexanines to start turning more heads.

The first step is this single, out in September – don’t miss it, you’ve got the chance to get in on the ground floor with one of this year’s hottest prospects…

The Lowriders – excellent self-titled album out now

They made a splash with last year’s EP ‘I Am Soldier’, and now they’re back. Our favourite Essex based indie-rock proposition have returned with a new self-titled album and it’s every bit as good as you would expect.

It’s not often that this genre is described as soulful, but that is exactly the word that comes to mind when it comes to the Lowriders. You get the feeling that this is music that is meticulously crafted, but then recorded in order to sound spontaneous and raw. The ramshackle nature of tracks like ‘Don’t Drink the Poison’ is a case in point, all shifting soundscapes and tempos, with plenty of ideas thrown in for good measure, but it takes real attention to detail to lay something out this carefully.

It’s this depth that’s in evidence across the board, and with any luck one or two examples of it will be publically available to stream soon so music fans can begin to appreciate how good these Essex lads are. The only available album track to hear at the moment just so happens to be the title track to their last EP. Enjoy:

Self-titled debut album out now from Irvine

Born in South Africa but now based in the UK’s capital London, Irvine are a rock band who live and die by their frenzied rock sound. Rough around the edges but all the better for it, they lack the polish of the filtered, processed rock you hear on the radio – it’s all thanks to the fact that everything, from writing and recording all the way down to the artwork, is done in house.

So, if you’re a fan of independently spirited musicians then Irvine should be on your list to check out. The track above, ‘The Chase’, is one of their most recent singles (and not to be confused with a daytime quiz show hosted by Bradley Walsh). If you like what you hear, you should check out their album on iTunes or find more at the links below.




Spirals self-titled debut mixtape this winter

Starting out on a brand new musical journey after some enforced time out of the industry due to illness, Spirals is the working title of excellent songwriter John Aziz.

His new mix tape (or mini-album) is a real statement of intent – self-written, recorded, produced and mastered. Written with the ambition of creating an epic, brilliant psych-rock album like classic Pink Floyd or Kraftwerk, Spirals draws from and blends together elements of classic song writing and musicianship with modern production techniques.

You can get a taste of what the self-titled debut release has to offer here:

In spite of his retro musical preferences, Spirals is heading down a modern route for the release, making the music available via BitTorrent Bundles in similar fashion to Thom Yorke’s recent surprise solo album. You can also get it at

So focussed on the music that he abandoned a job writing about economics and business to begin playing again after his enforced break, this release is the first in what looks likely to be a versatile string of music from the songwriter.

Not one to rest on his laurels, he already planning and writing his next release, an acoustic folk mixtape. Ambitious and innovative, this is the work and mind of a true music lover.