Single – ‘Mirrors & Windows’ by Helen Perris

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Helen Perris is a pop songwriter based in Australia. Out now through all the usual digital outlets, her new single ‘Mirrors & Windows’ is a wonderfully infectious piece of piano pop – soulfully captured with a compellingly dark inspiration.

Written about the feeling of needing help in life but being too afraid to ask for it, the song wears its influences on its sleeve – namely the piano preferences of Ben Folds, and the powerful female role models of Tori Amos and Kate Bush.

There’s an album on the way too, so if you like what you’re hearing, find the single online and head over to to keep up to date.

Single ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ is out now from The Humble Grapes

With a big show at Bitter End (NYC) coming later this month, New York dwelling due The Humble Grapes have unveiled a new single titled ‘Brooklyn Bridge’. Very easy on the ear thanks to its piano/vocal combination, the song is written by David Kaufman and Brie Capone, with the backing of their regular band.

This combination has worked hard to gain some traction on the New York musical landscape, while remaining independent and carving their own path for the last two years.

Kaufman’s contribution is to take simple(ish) chord patterns and spin them into lovely piano parts with nice subtle notes and details. Capone meanwhile is the vocalist, and has a very nice, deep timbre to her voice which sets it apart. You can hear the song in full alongside its handheld camera captured video above, and get it now from here.