Video: ‘Chameleon’ – Des Horsfall & Pete Townshend

What do you get when you mix a cult folk artist and a British rock icon – both of whom have been on the road and writing great songs for many years? And then what happens if you put them together for a track paying tribute to a great who inspired both of them?

You get ‘Chameleon’, the new single by Pete Townshend and Des Horsfall out this Friday (11th).

Horsfall is the aformentioned folk artist, while Pete Townshend has had a stratospheric career as part of the who. Both are real lovers of music, and both were influenced by Ronnie Lane – former bassist of The Small Faces, the Faces and later Slim Chance. It’s this final, less well known project that inspired Des Horsfall to release a triple album dedicated to Lane, and the second volume ‘The Bastard’s Tin’ is out next year.

First though, there’s plenty of time to enjoy this single. It’s a stone cold stunner.

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