‘Coming Down Slow’ single out now from compelling Scottish writer Rachel Alice Johnson

Rachel Alice Johnson is a Scottish singer-songwriter enjoying a stellar year, and with new single ‘Coming Down Slow’ she has kept up her 2017 with ease.

Boasting a compellingly dark opening, the song flows effortlessly towards a lighter tone before a massive closing section where distorted guitar makes a huge impact before returning to the start of the loop. It’s effective, it’s uncomplicated, and it’s undeniably enjoyable.

So here’s to Rachel Alice Johnson’s final release of a very strong 2017 – roll on next year which promises to be even bigger.

Rachel Alice Johnson leads out ‘2am’ EP with single ‘Lights On’

When a song reminds you by turns of Adele and early 90s U2, then it’s usually a sign that the writer has done an excellent job of blending genres to create something new. With a vocal that channels the depth of the former, and a bass line which is very reminiscent of the latter, Rachel Alice Johnson seems to have done just that.


‘Lights On’ is not only the first single from her new EP ‘2am’, it’s also the opening track. It’s easy to see why thanks to its powerful mid-tempo and provocative lyrics. The rest of the EP continues in this vein, marking Rachel Alice Johnson out as a head turner in several different ways. The single and EP are both on iTunes now.

Rachel Alice Johnson – single ‘Pieces of Me’ out now

The Edinburgh music scene has, for a long time, been home to some of the jewels of independent music who have gone on to do great things around the world. There’s must be something in the water up there, as the latest off that beautiful city’s production line is the ethereal Rachel Alice Johnson.

New single ‘Pieces of Me’, out now, is a pure pop track in the best sense. It shows that Johnson, described more as a rocker than anything else, is more than a one trick pony. There are subtle complexities at play here, making for a quietly infectious jewel of a song.