Philip Murray Warson EP out now

Fans of fine English folk can stop whining over Mumford and Sons’ change of direction and refocus on new music now, thanks to the arrival of one Philip Murray Warson. A songwriter who prefers the gentle strum of an acoustic to the fevered pluck of a banjo (judging by his new EP at least), his sound is a pure, classy take on laid back folk.

‘Following Time’ (above) is joined on the two track EP by the evocative ‘Last of the Hunted’, which also brings a spooky spin to things. It all serves as a rather excellent teaser for what Warson could be capable of.

Hopefully an album will be on the way soon to see how this promising start can be built upon. in the meantime, if you’re a roots fan who likes discovering new tunes, head over to Bandcamp for your very own copy – well worth a couple of quid.


Afrosonics new video – ‘Che Che Kule’

A band from the US who are reportedly looking to dip their toe into the UK music scene, Afrosonics are huge eight piece collective who simply love to make music people can dance to. As you can see from the video above – a live performance of track ‘Che Che Kule’ with the studio recording dubbed over the top – it works.

Labelling themselves ‘Afro rock’, the band mix genres and cultures to create their unusual sound. It’s not quite indie or rock, not quite reggae or soul, it’s something in between. The key thing here is that it’s energetic and great fun, the kind of thing you can imagine killing it at a festival.

It’s in this environment – huge festivals in their local area – where Afrosonics are making their name in front of crowds of thousands. And if they can send that many people home happy, there’s no reason why they can’t do the same on these shores.