New EP ‘Take Back the Power’ from fantastic young songwriter Naomi

It’s always a good sign for an artist when tastemakers at various media outlets can all agree they have what it takes, and the list of publications tipping young songwriter Naomi for stardom is endless. It’s easy to see why. With support from the likes of The Guardian, Music Week, BBC Radio, the Huffington Post, The Independent and many more, they all agree on one thing – Naomi is a real, honest to goodness talent.

It’s all thanks to a classy pop sound which takes inspiration from the soulful pop of Lorde, Adele and blends them with the pure pop accessibility of Taylor Swift. These are all huge names to be compared to, but by blending their quite different styles Naomi has a great chance of creating a stellar career all of her own.

The next stage of that journey sees the release of new EP ‘Take Back the Power’. Available on April 22nd, the EP may well mark the arrival of a future pop powerhouse.


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