Prints Jackson, one single per month until the day he dies…

Song number 19 so far in his monthly run of singles, ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ is the latest indie flecked single from songwriter Prints Jackson. His day job is to compose music for games, films and TV, and in his down time he has chosen – perhaps surprisingly – to just keep on making music.

His mission statement, started in March of last year, is to release one independent single (alongside full artwork and a video) per month, and he has promised to do so until the day he dies.

It’s one hell of a project, and admirable in its ambition. Previous singles can be found, along with the dazzling array of artwork, at, and we really hope he can keep up the schedule and quality shown so far. This is real music, from a real music lover, and thus deserves a hell of a lot of credit.


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