Ricky on Guitar ready for ‘Chapter II’ – new EP coming Sept 28th

RickyOnGuitar chapter 2 profile picA creative songwriter with a versatile background, Ricky on Guitar (real name Ricky Sharma) has many different strings to his bow.

A composer, writer and excellent guitarist, he is – by day – an in demand session player who has worked on some of the finest stages and with many big name producers.

However, in between those appointments, Ricky takes great pride in working on creative projects with up and coming, independent artists, as well as his own solo material.

His new EP, due on September 28th, is his second solo EP, titled simply ‘Chapter II’. Featuring a range of styles and genres, it’s a difficult one to pigeonhole – how many releases do you have in your collection which contain both hip hop and classical guitar?

However, one thing it does do is show the skill and versatility in Ricky’s locker. You can pre-order the EP now at https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/chapter-two-ep/id1024616497


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