New album from legendary Jerry Lawson – ‘Just a Mortal Man’

Released on June 29th, the debut solo album from Jerry Lawson is yet another new lease of life for the incredible 71 year old. With a career spanning decades – 40 years and 22 albums – the veteran has made his name before now as part of groups The Persuasions and Talk of the Town. Now though, he’s going it alone for the very first time, and the result is this excellent album.

It seems odd to call it a ‘debut’ following a career which has seen Lawson sing with the likes of Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder all the way up to Joni Mitchell and Rod Stewart, but this is the first time he’s stepped into the spotlight by himself.

With the help of the Grammy nominated producer Eric Brace (of Nashville’s Beet Records), Lawson has crafted an fitting showcase to one of the greatest, most affecting voices you’re every likely to hear. It’s not often these days that a vocalist has the experience and gravitas to back up style with substance, but Jerry Lawson imbues songs with true depth and soul. The album is out on Monday, and we highly recommend you make a note in your diary to check out for your very own copy.


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