New single from Jules Knight, ‘It’s Only Life’

Hot on the heels of his debut solo album ‘Change of Heart’, vocalist-turned-actor-turned-vocalist Jules Knight is releasing a new single from the LP titled ‘It’s Only Life’. The single – a contemplative, slow build pop song which does evolve into something of an epic – is a real crowd pleaser, a slickly produced ballad which doesn’t stray into cheese.

This is particularly important given the fact that, in another life, this could easily have been a track on Lionel Richie’s heyday playlist. Richie is now a well established proponent of the old school mainstream, but Jules Knight’s more contemporary feel keeps it radio friendly and hugely accessible.

There’s no denying this is music built for a wide target audience, and there’s no doubt that musical cynics might be sniffy of its mass appeal. But this isn’t made for hipsters or wannabe critics – this is a song for people who simply enjoy a good, impassioned singalong.

Find album ‘Change of Heart’, including the single, on iTunes now.


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