New single from The Novatones: ‘Daddy Didn’t Know’, from ‘Sunday Romance EP’

Every now and again a track comes along that seems to stare you directly in the face and demand your attention. Such is the case with the brand new single ‘Daddy Didn’t Know’ from UK indie band The Novatones.

Dirty rock in every sense, it’s the story of a Daddy’s girl who falls upon hard times at uni, money troubles landing her a job in a strip club where a punter becomes besotted with her and ends up killing her in a sort of ‘if i can’t have you no one can’ way. This leaves her Dad struggling to understand why she didn’t ask for his help.

It’s not the ‘nicest’ of tales, but it does what it does very well – demands you listen and puts the message across powerfully. It also helps that the looped refrain of the title burrows its way into your mind for sometime afterwards.

Get it now as part of the ‘Sunday Romance’ EP:






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