Alexander Wolfe album – ‘From the Shallows’ (inc. single ‘Trick of the Light’)

One of the most promising under the radar songwriters currently working in the UK, it’s hard to believe with songs like ‘Trick of the Light’ that Alexander Wolfe hasn’t got wider recognition over the course of his two previous albums.

His third LP, ‘From the Shallows’, is further proof that it takes more than simply talent to break the industry – if it was a pure meritocracy he would be a household name.

This third album sees Alexander Wolfe on top form, a bombastic sound which sounds huge next to the acoustic presentation of his previous album ‘Skeletons’. With full orchestrations to play with, you can tell he had fun piecing all the tracks together and working to hone them in just the right way.

If there’s any justice, this album will be the one that finds a wider audience for Alexander Wolfe. His earlier releases have gone some way to doing that, pulling together something of a cult following, but this kind of music deserves more ears.


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