Lucy May ready for new album ‘Whirlwind’

Coming on May 17th, ‘Whirlwind’ is the new album from UK country-pop artist Lucy May. Having made something of a name for herself with single ‘Paper Heart’, May has been working hard between the UK and Nashville in the USA to create this album, preceded earlier this year by the title single above.

As you can hear in the video, this is an artist to be taken seriously. Well produced, well written songs with lyrics that bridge the gap between catchy and thoughtful, these are certainly tracks more in the vein of top US country artists than anything any UK songer can currently match.

Having heard the full album we can confirm this quality runs throughout, and with single ‘We Got It’ release alongside the full album it’s going to be a busy time for Lucy May. Unfortunately, ‘We Got It’ doesn’t seem to be streamable just yet, otherwise we would share it with you here, but trust us when we say its a doozy.


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