New album from Songs For Mr Sloane, ‘It Is What It Is’

Founded by London’s Peter Dale (vox/keys/guitars) and Bucks based Guy Snook (Bass guitar), Songs For Mr Sloane is a loose group of great musicians who come together to create great music with very few boundaries. With each musician coming into the group with a different taste and sensibility, their new album ‘It Is What It Is’ bubbles with wide ranging ideas, making it difficult to nail down in terms of genre.

The title track for example is a nice funky little number, but not typical of the album as a whole. Instead, you get an eclectic bunch of ideas. ‘Undiscovered’ for example is a quasi-pop track with 80s style sax lines. ‘Oh Doctor X’ meanwhile opens with an organ drone and handclap refain which gives way to blues guitar lines.

Each song has its own style and voice, making it difficult to identify a common thread. It means the album doesn’t hand together as a flowing composition, but as a collection of high quality songs by good musicians it’s a triumph.


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