The Lowriders – excellent self-titled album out now

They made a splash with last year’s EP ‘I Am Soldier’, and now they’re back. Our favourite Essex based indie-rock proposition have returned with a new self-titled album and it’s every bit as good as you would expect.

It’s not often that this genre is described as soulful, but that is exactly the word that comes to mind when it comes to the Lowriders. You get the feeling that this is music that is meticulously crafted, but then recorded in order to sound spontaneous and raw. The ramshackle nature of tracks like ‘Don’t Drink the Poison’ is a case in point, all shifting soundscapes and tempos, with plenty of ideas thrown in for good measure, but it takes real attention to detail to lay something out this carefully.

It’s this depth that’s in evidence across the board, and with any luck one or two examples of it will be publically available to stream soon so music fans can begin to appreciate how good these Essex lads are. The only available album track to hear at the moment just so happens to be the title track to their last EP. Enjoy:


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