Lucy May ‘Whirlwind’ EP set to hit on Monday through Absolute Records

Due for release next Monday (March 9th), the new EP from Lucy May looks promising indeed judging by the title track above. With the UK in the midst of a country revival, Lucy May is an artist who bridges the country-pop gap and this track is immediately accessible without being rote or cheesy.

The top line production was enough to get the attention of Radio 2, with Terry Wogan featuring her heavily with previous track ‘Paper Heart’, and with any luck she can carry that momentum forward with the new EP, plus an album of the same name coming soon too.

It’s no less than she deserves. Totally self-funded, Lucy May has been holding down two jobs to keep her musical ambitions alive, so if you’re looking for an independent country artist to get behind, we would definitely say Lucy May should be high on the list. You can catch her live tonight (March 4th) too if you happen to be in London – you can find her at The Country Collective in Canary Wharf.



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