New single & video (starring Danny Dyer) from great new artist Mollie Marriott

Powerful and lush, ‘Transformer’ is the new single from a new artist who has the potential to break big this year. Mollie Marriott (daughter of Small Faces frontman Steve who tragically passed away in the 90s) is a vocalist who not only has the talent and material (see above) to make a real dent in the industry, but also backing from some of the top names in the country.

Having worked as a backing vocalist to a very high level (we’re talking Noel & Liam Gallagher, Paul Weller, Ronnie Wood and a bunch more), those same people are supporting her in her own push for the role of leading lady.

And it comes as little surprise given the quality of the song above. A ballad with impact without being cliched or cheesy, it’s a song that has great foundations from the start and builds on them, particularly with that chorus. If this is an early indication of what to expect from Mollie Marriott, then this year could mark a breakthrough.


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