‘I Was Hoping I’d Run Into You’ – The new single from singer-songwriter Chris Hornsby

A strummed, acoustic and impactful opening and an understated charm are the main weapons in the arsenal of the new single from songwriter Chris Hornsby. There’s a folky tinge to the track, making ‘I Was Hoping I’d Run Into You’ into something more than the usual singer-songwriter acoustic fare, while Hornsby’s vocal is simple, pure somehow in its lack of histrionics. This is a single that shows a great deal of promise from an under the radar artist who may be able to capitalise on the UK’s current love for contemporary folk.

The drums and rhythms serve the track well, keeping it rolling as the nice, looping chord pattern plays out in the standard verse-chorus structure, but there are enough neat touches to stop this straying into bland territory. Really good stuff.


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