Brand new album: The McCarrons – ‘Whatever Next?’

Coming across almost as a collection of greatest hits from some of Britain’s top bands (past & present), The McCarrons’ are a Halifax three piece whose debut album isn’t shy about revealing its influences. Indeed, in their press notes they say they are influenced by British rock and indie from The Beatles all the way up to Brit Pop and beyond, but the way they have captured the sound of those bands is impressive.

With a total of nine track which mostly combine guitar, bass and drums (as well as vocals), it’s a standard format that has been filled out ably in the studio.

Opening song ‘So Long Goodbye’, sets the tone well, with a Razorlight like combination of jangling guitars, low register vocals and a rolling momentum that benefits from nice harmonies. Next up, ‘Cupid’s On His Way’ channels the Arctic Monkeys, with distorted vocal and guitar on one verse, but pulled back to just vocal and bass on other. It makes for a dynamic sound, with the dominant drums keeping things moving as the instrumentation waxes an wanes around it.

And so it continues, each track bearing comparisons to classic and current Brit rock bands who you will likely know and love. It is both a flaw and a strength of the album – perhaps overly familiar, but instantly accessible and easy to get on board with.

Unsurprisingly perhaps, the best song is the the one that owes most to vintage Beatles – ‘Back to your World’. With layered vocals working in unison and harmony, intermittent guitar riffs filling the spaces, this one really grows for the chorus, creating a dynamic shift that’s hard to get out of your head.

‘Whatever Next’ is out now to order here.


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